How To Order ?.?

Step 1.
Email us at:
• please include the following
- Your Name:
- Your mailing address:
- Item Name:
- Item Colour(If any):
- Quantity Ordered:
- Mode of Transaction (POSBank Transfer/Concealed Cash):
- Contact No. (Optional):
- Preferred mode of postage (Normal/Registered Mail):
- Total Amount:
• (Add S$1.00 for Normal mail, Add S$2.80 for Registered Mail)

• Step 2. Wait for our comfirmation mail which will be sent to you within 3 days.

• Step 3. Make your payment.
- For available item(s), it will be sent upon receival of payment, accompanied by an email.
- For customization or remakes item(s), no. of date will be advise by email.

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